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and then Vadril forever regretted revealing his birthday to Kaeshira


So it’s theminttu's birthday and though I'm in a creative rut I decided to try and battle it to the death and make a thing. With my chara Hadaahk as a little side person there wondering who this person he's never seen around there parts is.

I ALSO was completely unsure of timelines because Iiiiii don’t know things and am still baby fandom when it comes to TES and also paying attention, so I drew both younger and older Vadril. Which is minttu’s baby not mine.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY hope you see this at some point maybe possibly


Happy birthday to me

everyone who brings a fan or some ice is invited to my party


harbingerofcuriousity asked: Saw that your birthday is in 2 days on dA, so happy advanced birthday!

Thank you! I’ll be plenty busy working all week but I’ll probably go out for celebratory drinks later in the weekend if anyone feels like going with me


dragonsdongma asked: Woah! Vadril is the living definition of hot dad.

I was bored so I doodled some clothing refs for Vadril real quick. He gets cold easily so he favours layers and instead of leather the kind of soft fabrics he can comfortably wrap himself in.

I wanted to draw a princess (:

Late night/early morning sketching…. I can definitely see Hiccup’s potential as a future Hot Dad

Late night/early morning sketching…. I can definitely see Hiccup’s potential as a future Hot Dad

Sorry for the inactivity, I have been runnin all over Finland with Jenn for the past two weeks 0: so here are our elf babies on an adventure.




Things I thought about on the bus today

update: I told a girl at five guys today who was wearing a shirt with a dalek on it that I thought it was cool

I got high fived so hard it hurt for 15 minutes

Though I can converse with men… I can’t start a conversation with a women on the bus, because if I do everyone immediately cries “sexual misogynistic evil man trying to get her in bed Rawrawawrwrdjfifbfi!!!” And then they proceed to flaunt their ignorant misandry at me about how men are all evil sexist pigs. Ah, what hypocritical hypersensitive numbskulls… will they ever learn? (Nope.)