Suddenly, Minttu

Minttu, Finland. Illustration. This is a personal/art blog.

Things I thought about on the bus today

This is him. this is the dwarf that has single-handedly ruined my entire life.

I had a small break from work so I drew a pirate crew of fierce elf ladies :0

Hi Tumblr, I have been busy and guess why

  • I get to do Transformers box art for Hasbro :^)

in other news, I found that today my hair is the perfect length and it does all the things that I like. I wish such things would remain


The Desolation of Smaug came out on bluray and guess what

Down with the sickness.


work and blogging will resume when I am able to breathe again.

Okay one more quick redraw because I thoroughly enjoy drawing Starscream’s face. Back to work now :x

I wanted to draw something silly real quick

I drew Mintbot again because I’m a loser :^)

I’m going to Rome in a month

I need a break